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Lorenz Gude - Short Writing
My late son Lorenz
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This website is to provide an outlet for my short writing. It also will contain pieces about my late son which may or may not need to have its own site in the future. If those of you who have lost a child finds anything helpful here I would especially like to hear from you. The short writing is in the form of  vignettes or observations from life. I write them as true to my experience as I know how including my own reactions, viewpoint, prejudices. I look for unusual, often unacceptable happenings, that go unremarked but which strike me as as revealing some important aspect of what it means to be human. 

Aside from vanity and forcing myself to finish these pieces as a reason for this site I suspect that there are new forms of writing emerging on the Web - like the Blog - and that my short writings are actually more appropriate to the Web, where sustained reading is tiresome, than conventional print. Just as the printing press and cheap paper resulted in the emergence of the magazine the Web should create new forms of writing specific to itself. I believe this development may proceed in small steps - the result of many individuals contributing small elements to the emerging forms - much like the way Linux has grown on the Web. In any case if you enjoy reading the material on the site, it has been worthwhile.

What's New?

All of it as of February 2003, but I will use this section to list new additions to the site as I add them. The cat belongs to my friend Steve and in real life is pure white and serious trouble for anything she takes an exception to.


I would appreciate any comments you may have on the wiritng.